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Everything you see on this site is related to infrared scanning your property, to find things that will save you money in the future. We cannot be more realistic to say that this service will do just that. We are in this business to make money just like any other business. What's great is that it saves you BIG money in return.
Buy now to save BIG later!

1. Show the world who's boss. Well, not really but, they can lower the energy prices that you are paying to the corporate power companies.
2. Visualize all things existing behind your walls, crawlspaces and foundation. You have to see the coloring and effects these scans provide, it's amazing!
3. Find any and all Mold/Mildew, Hotspots, bad wiring, improperly distrubuted insullation, water damage areas, crawlspace moisture issues and pretty much anything else that goes along with a home or business property. You would be suprised at how in depth this scan is.
4. Make accurate images to have proof that your property shows signs of damage or is given the clean "Bill of Health".

Energy Prices are becoming unheard of. People wouldn't believe that 10 years ago, prices of power was almost 35% cheaper. Now days, your paying top dollar just to run power to your toaster oven. Heed our words. The prices are going to raise even higher. The only real way to combat this is to detect all known issues causing your power to be comsumed. Things like air leaks where you would'nt suspect it could cost hundreds.