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We have set standards nationwide with this type of energy auditing. No matter the job, we prove without a doubt, we are the best in the industry. We can take it one step further to say that in building envelope audits, we are completely unmatched. We may be a North Carolina based company but our presents nationwide, is that of integrity and professionalism.

Property Analysis is a tedious process for most. We make it look easy but, it's really difficult to master. For one, high liability service orders require precision that only professional level companies can deliver. Our company has doing business for 22 years. With the longevity of our company and the certifications we hold, we prove on a daily basis, that experience is key, in this line of work. When the value of someones property is involved, we know how to expose any hidden damage and dangers within.
Some things to remember ...

Time and time again, we have heard from clients that other companies have taken advantage of them. We have even heard horror stories of people scamming the client by saying there is problems, when there is not.

We can assure you there will never be any of that going on, under our watch. None of our engineers are paid on commission. Our company is notorious for locating all problems existent but, if there is no problem existing in your home or business, we defiantly will not tell you otherwise.

The age of your property (home or business), does not matter. Problems could have been "problems", from day one. The main idea is to remember that not everyone knows the proper energy guidelines, nor are they required to know every way possible, to save you money on energy. That's where we come in and have stayed busy, even in an economic recession.

Changes in your power billmay be a "tale tale" sign that you are not up to all energy codes. This type of problem isn't that difficult to spot because you are noticing your wallet thinning by the month. The first time you see any increases in your power bill and don't know what you have done to cause them, it's time you call Executive Restoration, LLC.

Not all companies are the same. Trusting people with experience whom are licensed and insured, could save you; not just in energy, but also in purchasing a home.