Infrared Scans are beneficial.

August 11th, 2009

When trying to identify various problems within your home, the last thing that you want to do is tear down walls, ceilings, etc just to see if there might be a problem.  Well, there is a way to see without having to blindly tear your home or business apart to see if a problem exists that may need more work.

Infrared scans are used to detect hidden problems like moisture issues from various culprits as well as insulation failures.

Such moisture problems can include:  leaking pipes behind walls, condensation, air/water infiltration.

Other identifiable problems that can be found with an infrared scan:  finding where electrical lines and water pipes are located behind the walls, other materials inside walls, temperatures on the surfaces of  homes and office buildings, and of course insulation issues (not enough insulation was placed during construction-moist insulation).

So if you suspect a problem in your home where a peek behind the walls or ceilings is necessary, don’t think your only choice to demolish walls blindly; there is another solution to try. Executive Restoration can help with giving your home or business an infrared scan.  Call us at 704-545-0098 and check out our website at or

Bleach is not the cure for mold

July 23rd, 2009

What, bleach is not the cure for mold? I think someone forgot to tell my mother this bit of information. Growing up on a farm, my mother used bleach to clean just about everything, counters, tables, areas in the barn and of course the laundry. It was a staple of our household and was thought to eliminate all mold and mildew. Bleach appears to do a pretty good job but I have learned that bleach eliminates some but not all mold. Spores which are produced by mold can survive a cleaning with bleach and return with a vengeance.

Well, what’s a person to do? I guess it depends on what type of mold you have and the extent of the surfaces affected. Small areas may be able to be cleaned by the homeowner. However, an assessment of the source of the mold needs to be done. Just because the visual area is small doesn’t mean that lurking behind the walls isn’t a huge problem. Perhaps you have an overflowing gutter, or an old window that’s not sealed properly anymore. It’s difficult for the average person to determine this without some assistance from a trained, certified mold inspector. The experts at Executive Restoration can determine the source of your mold without the expense of tearing out your sheet rock. Their state of the art equipment can see behind your walls and determine just what is causing that moldy problem. It may seem to be a less expensive fix to try and clean up the problem yourself, but, if you end up having to repeat the process without finding the cause, have you really saved yourself any money? If you are searching for a certified mold inspector, contact Executive Restoration at 704-545-0098 or visit online at

Maintaining your Equipment

July 21st, 2009

Is it getting hot in here?  It might not be global warming, but as you walk through your facility you might notice your air handlers working harder to maintain temperature and humidity.  Why is that?  You haven’t added more equipment or people.  The doors aren’t opening that much more.

The answer is your motors are craving attention.  Bearings could be wearing out, motor windings could be heating up, or wiring connections could be lose.  These conditions are not apparent just by walking by the equipment.  How hot is hot?  What is the exact point where one surface or wire is hotter than the other?  Where is there a heat sink?

The old saying a “picture is worth a thousand words” can be restated “a thermographic image program can save a pot-full of money in the long run”.  With a baseline and ongoing thermographic data Maintenance Managers can prioritize work, budget for repairs, schedule repairs, and minimize downtime.

It is easier for a Maintenance Manager; and his family, to do scheduled work as opposed to being called in at 3 am when the supply houses are closed.  Maintenance Manager sounds better than Reaction Manager.

Call Infrared Scan Charlotte North Carolina, (704) 545-0098, to schedule an appointment to develop a long-term strategy to maintain your equipment.  Let’s keep America working!

We respect your time…

May 4th, 2009
When the concern comes around in your home that you need a handyman or a professional to come, Do you have to take off work that day because they gave you the scheduled time slot of, “We’ll be there between 8am and 5pm”?  Unfortunately, that has happened to too many people and it becomes a very big hassle to wait for as well as a big inconvenience because you were stuck at home all day waiting.  Well in these times of desperation where you need to make an appointment to get your house checked for mold, water damage, fire damage; Executive Restoration will set up a time to be there and be there within the hour.  We refuse to make you sit around all day and have to take off from work, reschedule or even cancel plans.  We are here to help you in the best way possible.  So, if you suspect your home of a mold problem, water damage, or fire damage; please give us a call at (704) 545-0098 or check out our website:
We’re residential certified mold inspectors and commercial certified mold remediators.

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March 11th, 2009

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